Ink & Imagination Author Services

Hi, I'm Lauren

I've loved stories my whole life. Over the last few years of telling them, first through art and now through my own books, I've discovered that I also have a passion for helping others tell their stories.

I know all too well that becoming an author brings with it so many other tasks that you may not be good at, have time for, or want to do. That's where I want to step in and help so that you can spend your time on the parts of being an author you love, writing and engaging with your readers.

Pricing and Booking Information

All services are available to mix and match as part of a monthly, hour-based package. My current monthly minimum is 5 hours at $35/hour. I can structure your package based on a set number of hours or the services you need.

Some services are available on a one-time basis. They are still billed at my hourly rate but the 5-hour minimum will not be required. One-time projects like website design require a deposit equivalent to two hours of work. Additional time will be charged at the current hourly rate based on tracked time. If tracked time is under two hours, the difference will be refunded.

If there's a service you're looking for that I do not have listed, please reach out via my contact form and let me know!  I'd love to be able to help if it's something I'm able to do.

**Please note, I am autistic and prefer to keep as much of my communication written as possible as opposed to on video chat**

Services I Offer

ARC Management

I will handle everything from start to finish including signup form creation, list management, distribution, and follow-up/review tracking. 

Includes access to my master list of pre-vetted ARC readers.

Email blast to my master list with no management - $25

Street Team Management

A street team can easily become the most valuable marketing tool you have but it can also require a lot of work. I'll take care of onboarding, participation tracking, and reward distribution. All you have to do is be excited about your books!

Shipping Services

Do you want to offer signed books or swag in your own shop but dread having to store inventory or ship orders? I have 5+ years experience running a small, product-based business so I know everything involved. I'll store and ship your books or merchandise for you.

Shipping costs are on top of hourly fee.

Initial shop setup is available as well.

Website Creation & Management

A website is a vital tool for any author. But starting from scratch can be overwhelming. I have experience with several platforms and can take care of all the upfront work so that you have a working website that simply needs to be updated as you release new books.

Do you already have a website but dread updating it? I've got you! Whether you've got a new book coming out or you just want to keep your site looking fresh, I'll make sure your site is in tiptop shape. 

Book/Series Bibles

When you're writing a series, it can be easy to forget some of the details. I'll read through your books and make detailed notes on characters, setting, timeline, and world building. I'll then take all that info and organize it so you can quickly find whatever information you need as you keep writing.

Prices start at $0.0055 per word but will vary based on genre, level of detail you'd like tracked, and desired format for final bible. If you book multiple books in the same series at one time, the first book will be full price but each additional book will receive a 10% discount. Feel free to reach out for a customized quote for your project.

Distribution Assistance

You wrote the book, have a cover, and it's all ready to go. But there are a lot of steps involved to make it so people can actually buy your book. I offer point-of-sale setup as both a one-time, initial setup or as part of a monthly plan.

Included platforms:
- Amazon KDP  & Author Central
- Draft2Digital
- Kobo
- Google Play
- Barnes & Noble
- Findaway Voices
- Books2Read

Other platforms can be discussed.

Sensitivity Reading
Audiobook Proofing

Like proofreading, it can be hard to catch mistakes when listening to your own audiobook because you know what the narrator is supposed to be saying. Listening to someone read your book can also be a weird experience in general.

I'll listen to the files you get from your narrator and compare the audio to your manuscript. I'll note any errors so you can have your narrator fix them before you sign off on the production.

This service is priced using my hourly rate. A deposit based on 50% of the length of your audiobook is due upfront. Please note, however, that the total time it takes me to complete the project is likely to exceed the length of your audiobook as I may have to listen to sections multiple times as well as pause to make notes.

Newsletter Management

You provide any writing updates or important news and I do the rest. I'll find swaps if desired and combine them with the provided content to create a cohesive and aesthetic newsletter. I will handle any scheduling, sending, and list maintenance.

Disclaimer - Hourly rate posted is the current new client rate. That rate may change at any time with 30 days' notice to contracted clients. The monthly minimum may change for new clients but contracted clients will not be affected in that case.